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The idea of Spacers was born almost 20 years ago. We all had to learn a lot, and a lot of technologies had to be developed for us to be able to bring it to life in the acceptable form.

Now it's time. Jump into the story-rich, intense and immersive world of Mother Space.

What Spacers are about?

1. The Story

Spacers will be focused on 30+ hours of a captivating story, written by our experienced in-house story-tellers (believe us, if you can keep managers awake through data presentation, you need to be good at it. Also, we have debuted in sci-fi over seven years ago, and have over a thousand pages of sci-fi books written (our first book is translated to English as you read it)).

Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to rage (sorry, it’s part of the package).

We hope to deliver a forked choice-based system, but it will depend on this Kickstarter success (wink, wink).

Check the demo for the first dose. It’s free.

2. The Mechanics

Spacers' battle system is based on the best available sci-fi combat engine, the one and only Space Combat Kit.

In the game, you’ll get to control the newest versions of available means of destruction. Lasers, projectile weapons, missiles. You name it.

All ships you’ll encounter will be heavily armoured, but also modular, so taking them out will require either overwhelming firepower (yeah, sure, each and every army is known for providing grunts with what they need, aren’t they?), or a skill.

Oh. And don’t forget for whom you’re fighting. Expect the unexpected. Equipment is faulty, officers are halfwits, procedures are flawed (just remember that Mother Space is perfect nevertheless!). Especially when shot at. So don’t be surprised if this little ignored missile will blow a module your ship needs to e.g. give you visuals on the enemy.

Good luck!

3. The skills

You'll have to rely on your skills. Not some magical skill tree. We may, or may not implement the latter (did I mention the relation of this Kickstarter campaign success to the amount of content in the game?).

All weapon systems will have built-in perks and quirks (not available in the demo yet, sorry). They will be easy to grasp, and difficult to master.

E.g. some weapons will deal more damage with overcharged shots, but as you can imagine “spray and pray” fire will be more of an annoyance than a danger to the incoming enemy. Other weapons will be very distance-sensitive, so your experience in attack timing may be crucial for mission success.

Did you like demo? What next?

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